Monday, July 29, 2013

What Do You Want? How About A Guest Spot On The Show?

Hello again,

Long time no type. Well, maybe not too long. I don't know. My barometer for telling time sucks. In fact I thought it was Friday until someone posted how much they hated Mondays on Facebook. At first I thought "That's on odd thing to post on a Friday. Why not wait until Mo...Oh."

The reason I have chosen to write you all today is simple. We want to know what you want from our show. We love doing it. But, even more, we love keeping it fresh. Back in Volume 2 Issue 5 we were joined by David Sabal from The Atomic Fallout Society for a segment called Bad Impression Theater. We loved doing that. In fact, we are planning another one. We love doing things like that. And we want your suggestions.

Do you enjoy us talking about entertainment news? Sometime we get a little bored with it. It's the same stuff every week. New Star Wars rumors, new Star Trek news, what did the idiot celebrity do this week? The list goes on. Sure, we enjoy it. I scour the internet every week for stories to fill in the notes. I'd be doing it with or without the show. But we would like to introduce more segments. Movies The World Loves But We Hate could be a fun recurring segment. But we need more.

Here's what I propose to you all. Whoever comes up with a new segment for the show that Brian and I both agree is best we will invite you on where we will not only have you participate in Bad Impression Theater but we will do the new segment you came up with for the first time with you. We want to hear your feedback. We appreciate you all listening as we approach one year of episodes. Now let us give back as we steal your idea for a pittance. Send all ideas to

Your Friend And Mine,

Jacob O'Neal

P.S. - If you want to be on the show you must either be local or have a phone. We will not provide airfare. We're podcasters.

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