Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time To Mix Things Up - New Changes

For those of you who are regular listeners to the show, you've probably noticed that there has been a lack of movie reviews lately. There's a reason for that. Brian and I both do multiple shows and work regular jobs. Time is limited  when it comes down to actually sitting down and watching these B movies I have such an affection for.

We came up with a solution - as much as I live to make Brian suffer I will no longer be making him watch films like Nazis At The Center Of The Earth. Instead I will be recording weekly supplemental episodes no longer than 10 minutes where I will be reviewing bad movies, indie movies, horror and science fiction movies, etc...

I already have a list of films I have recently watched that I have been holding onto until the time was right. This will be starting very soon. You will be able to find them under The Gorram Nerd Hour banner just like the regular show, Holodeck Malfunction and the Drunken Commentary as well as some other stuff in the planning stages.

If you haven't gotten distracted by something shiny yet and stopped reading I would like to  mention a few other things -
1) Lepus, the short film I co-wrote with Brian and directed will be released on DVD September 19th, 2013 on the Death By VHS anthology DVD.
2) We a couple of road trips scheduled. First to Ventura, California in September to podcast and interview guests at the Central Coast Comic Con (C4). Then we will be at Rapture Horror Expo in October and Comikaze.
3) We have a few other movie projects in the works, some can be discussed and others not yet. We are planning to make Lepus into a full length feature. If you happened to catch it at Phoenix Conicon you know we made a 15 minute feature with a full three act structure already. Now we're just expanding on the building blocks we already put in place.
4) Cinema Head Cheese recently celebrated their 100th episode. In it one of their writers told the listeners to interact with us. We are very long as you don't do the creepy Edward watching Bella sleep thing. That's just messed up but I guess girls like pasty old stalkers that would just as soon kill them as they would kiss them.
Side note - ladies,  I'm not over 100 but I can do creepy and I'm single. Just don't be a mouth breathing whore void of personality like Bella.
Sorry, the blog got away from me for second.
We will keep you posted on all of these things and more. Just listen to the show.
Your friend and mine,
Jacob O'Neal
The Gorram Nerd Hour

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