Friday, April 26, 2013

A Very Gorram Comicon

Hey guys,

Jacob here. I don't use this blog much as I have one that I started before we ever even dreamed up The Gorram Nerd Hour. You can find that HERE. I wanted to talk a little about what we're doing next month. As many of our listeners know we will be at Phoenix Comicon making fools of ourselves live on Memorial Day Weekend. Nearly everyone from Abnormal Entertainment will be there. We are combining our shows to fit them into the slots (you can take that dirty or or not, I don't care). The Gorram Nerd Hour will be partnered with Cinema Head Cheese. That's pretty fitting I would say. And maybe we keep Jeff Doniak away from the booze this time.

Something else that is happening at Phoenix Comicon is the premiere of Lepus, the short I directed and Brian starred in. We both wrote it. Most of the marketing of the DVD for Death By VHS (the anthology it's a part of) has been promoting the Lepus cast - Tyler Gallant, Kat Garcia and Victoria Paege. We will be showing Death By VHS on Saturday at the con and then we will be doing a special screening of Lepus right after along with a panel featuring cast and crew (by crew I mean David Sabal, as he was THE crew on this thing). We encourage you all to come out. It's gonna be fun.

As far as the rest of the con - I will be working my rather ample butt off trying to get more interviews for you all. I am excited about who I have had a chance to talk to in the past and I hope to move up to the next level for you all. Beyond that, I have several interviews I've conducted with the likes of Daniel Manche (star of Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door and I Sell The Dead), Jessica Cameron (director of the currently shooting Truth Or Dare), Andrew van den Houten (producer of Offspring, The Woman and the upcoming Jug Face) and more planned. But as for Phoenix Comicon I plan to try to do a Holodeck Malfuction Interview Special by interviewing any Trek people at the con that will let me and anyone else that says yes. I'm not gonna be picky.

After that we have some other great stuff set up for the rest of the year. We are going to be at a start-up Comic Convention in Ventura, CA called Central Coast Comic Con or C4 for short. Check out their website to see who they've lined up for the event. And we're gonna be back at Rapture Horror Expo again in October. They've already announced a few guests and it's gonna be a lot bigger than last year. If you live in the Phoenix Area it's gonna be a good one. Make sure you come out for that one.

I also want to thank you all for the support. And don't be afraid to talk to us from time to time. We'd love to hear what you think.

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